Eat & drink

At last we’re allowed again to go and share a drink or dinner with friends and family! But: for health reasons it is crucial to respect the safety protocol.

The mandatory guidelines are listed below.

To help you make a choice we added a list of all the Tervuren pubs and restaurants.

  1. Make your reservation in advance if possible.
  2. Cancel your reservation if you or a member of your group shows corona-symptoms.
  3. Ensure good hygiene and only touch the objects you need to touch.
  4. Wait at the entrance for a staff member to escort you to your table.
  5. Limit walking during your stay. Move only to and from your table if needed.
  6. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a paper tissue which you immediately discard in a dustbin with a lid.
  7. At all time keep a safe distance (1,5 metres) from the staff and other customers, not needed for those in your party.
  8. Follow the staff’s instructions and the guidelines on display.
  9. If possible, pay electronically or contactless.
  10. Respect the closing times.